WIFO's goals

Drawing on the high commitment and motivation of its staff, the Institute has achieved a lead position in Austria in terms of the quality and breadth of its studies in many fields of economic policy consulting.

Quality leadership and quality assurance

The guarantee of high scientific standards proven by the quality of its research activitities and by publications in refereed national and international scientific journals is vital for WIFO's competiveness and credibility in economic policy consultancy.


In an internationalised economic environment the international framework, experience, and expertise have to be considered to develop sustainable economic policy solutions. Given this background, it is an important strategic goal of WIFO to position itself in international research and consultancy.

Priorities in the research programme

As Austria's biggest applied economic research institute, WIFO is charged with studying a broad range of economic issues. In order to render professional economic policy consulting services, it requires in-depth scientific and institutional expertise in these fields. WIFO therefore directs its long-term research focus on a limited number of research subjects, while maintaining flexibility in its choice of research contracts and consulting work within these subjects.