Impartiality, scientific outlook and independence

In its activities, WIFO has a non-partisan status in economic policy consulting. Since its foundation in 1927 WIFO obliges itself to an evidence based objective economic policy consultation, which is recognised since by varying political decision makers and the public. The basis of its objective advice is granted by several measures:

  • WIFO's positions are based on scientific methods. Economic policy advice relies on broad empirical evidence. Recommendations are oriented towards their contribution to increase the national standard of living and employment. As WIFO respects the plurality of scientifically based opinions of its staff, all aspects of recommendations are shown even in cases they are contradictory..

  • WIFO's charter includes the mission of non-partisan research. Therefore, WIFO's recommendations are targeted less to individual organisations than to the public. This charter prescribes the focus on common interest and excludes the intention of profit making.

  • WIFO's funding resources are spread over organisations of different political orientations which allows for independent and balanced political recommendations. Furthermore, funding contracts cover several years and national and international research funds are tapped as well, which supports its strive for independence.

  • WIFO is completely independent in hiring its own staff. The selection process is only based on objective criteria, giving the existing staff a strong voice.

  • As a principle, WIFO's research results are published.

Contact person

Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger, PhD

Function: Research staff member, Deputy director
Research groups: Labour Market, Income and Social Security