The Competence Centre Business Surveys

The Competence Centre Business Surveys supports WIFO's Research Groups in the conception and implementation of business and individual surveys. As many economic questions can only be answered using survey data, the Competence Centre accompanies the research process from the application to the data analysis and combines sociological, technical and legal know-how.

For more than six decades, the WIFO-Konjunkturtest (WIFO Business Cycle Survey) has been providing early and reliable information about the current economic situation and the outlook of Austrian companies for the coming months. Project-related surveys are carried out on an ongoing basis and are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the project's general conditions.

The Competence Centre understands its surveys as conversations with its respondents, who are gratefully willing to make their knowledge and expertise available to science. The Competence Centre pays particular attention to the development of relevant, practical and comprehensible questions because the quality of the data collected and the analyses based on it depends on the quality of the underlying questions.


Some examples of data visualisation


Members of the Competence Centre