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Ina Meyer, Michiko Hama, Robert Jandl, Markus Leitner, Markus Keuschnig, Ivonne Anders, Oliver Fritz, Helene Berthold, Brigitte Eder
Co-creating a desirable and resilient future for Lienz, Austria – a local case study in socio-economic scenario development
Regional Environmental Change, 2019, 19, (4), pp.1059-1971,
The aim of this case study was to conduct a participatory approach to socioeconomic scenario development in the city of Lienz (East Tyrol) and to suggest this process-oriented approach as an element of an integrated guiding and decision support tool for local resilience and risk management to policy makers, business leaders, and civil society. The paper takes a socio-economic perspective and describes the settings of the case study, the process, and approach taken for co-creating two distinct normative socio-economic scenario narratives for the city of Lienz: a desirable or resilient future and an undesirable or stagnant future. Results are presented as sector-specific scenario narratives. Matching the local scenario narratives with the global shared socioeconomic pathways, it derives that local peculiarities such as population decline due to outmigration trends or decentralised manufacturing industry and educational institutions were judged to be critical factors in securing local resilience for a prospering future.
JEL-Codes:Q01, Q54
Keywords:TP_Nachhaltigkeit_Nachhaltigkeit co-creation, local resilience, local socio-economic scenario development, TP_GrueneTransformation
Research group:Climate, Environmental and Resource Economics – Regional Economics and Spatial Analysis