International cooperation

WIFO is an integral part of the European research scene, participating in numerous international projects. Among them are: the preparation of the background paper on the Competitiveness Report of DG Enterprise; as such projects the coordination of the 32 research institutes comprising the "Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe" research programme financed by the European Commission, the German "Gemeinschafsdiagnose" and the European "Fair Tax" programme can be mentioned.

WIFO has developed close collaborative ties to its project partners, mirrored in WIFO's membership in the Association of European Conjuncture Institutes AIECE and the European Economic Research and Advisory Consortium ERECO. Within the scope of its cooperation with OECD and the scientific and research activities pursued by its staff members, WIFO has established ties to institutes in the USA, Australia and Asia.

Contact person

Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger, PhD

Function: Research staff member, Deputy director
Research groups: Labour Market, Income and Social Security