Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Andreas Reinstaller
Do Firms Facing Competitors from Emerging Markets Behave Differently? Evidence from Austrian Manufacturing Firms
WIFO Working Papers, 2021, (625), 33 Seiten
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Online seit: 12.02.2021 0:00
We study the strategic positioning of Austrian manufacturing firms that face competition from emerging markets as opposed to firms that do not. Using a unique sample of large Austrian manufacturing, we find that emerging market competitors are not always a force majeure, but the result of the firms' international activity. Existing strengths and weaknesses are more pronounced when firms face competitors from emerging markets. Emerging market competition is associated with a broader product portfolio and triggers portfolio adjustments. Yet, a larger share of the companies facing emerging market competitors neither adjusts the product portfolio nor plans to develop new competences.
JEL-Codes:L20, L60, M16
Keywords:Austria, Competition, Dynamic Capabilities, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing
Forschungsbereich:Industrie-, Innovations- und internationale Ökonomie