WDS – WIFO Data System

The WIFO Data System (WDS) is an information system developed by WIFO together with WIFO IT and the WIFO Development Team (formerly the Economic and Social Science Computing Centre - WSR), which imports various data sources from Austria and abroad, homogenizes them and prepares them for scientific analyses and economic policy decisions.

High standards of data responsibility in connection with WIFO's researchers' years of experience make WDS a reliable and quality assured source of information for national and international economic data. WDS is therefore rightly called a "mirror of the national and international political economy".

The database contains extensive statistics on the Austrian economy. This central inventory is divided into the following topics:
  • National Accounts
  • WIFO economic forecast
  • WIFO economic climate indices, WIFO business survey
  • Construction industry
  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Innovation
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Manufacturing
  • State and public sector
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Labour market
  • Population
  • Income
  • Social area
  • Prices and price indices
  • Merchandise trade
  • Balance of payments
  • business survey in industries
  • Austria compared with other countries
 The sets of data contained in WDS have been created partly by WIFO or have been obtained from data suppliers (for example, Statistics Austria, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, the Federation of Social Insurances). The data received in different formats from suppliers are extracted by WDS and then processed into homogeneous data sets. New data is added to the database immediately upon its availability. Special attention is given to the maintenance of long time series.
In addition to national data providers, the database also contains data sets of international organisations:
  • IMF – Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS)
  • IMF – International Financial Statistics (IFS)
  • European Commission – Annual Macro-Economic Database (AMECO)
  • OECD – National Accounts (NAQ)
  • OECD – Economic Outlook (ECO)
  • OECD – Main Economic Indicators (MEI)
  • wiiw – The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
  • IMF – Directions of Trade (DOTS)

These national and international databases can be used for a fee using the WDS client developed by WIFO and the current part of WIFO IT and the WIFO Development Team. For further information, please contact the Research Data Management at wds-info@wifo.ac.at.


Email: wds-info@wifo.ac.at

Lucia Glinsner

Function: Scientific administrative assistant
Activities: Research Data Management

Anja Mertinkat, BA

Function: Scientific administrative assistant
Activities: Research Data Management, Data Protection