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Jürgen Janger, Agnes Kügler, Kathrin Hofmann, Nicole Schmidt-Padickakudy, Anna Strauss-Kollin (WIFO), Mantas Budraitis (PPMI), Lidia Nuñez Lopez, Miriam Van Hoed (IDEA Consult)
MORE4 – Support Data Collection and Analysis Concerning Mobility Patterns and Career Paths of Researchers. Survey on Researchers in European Higher Education Institutions
Studies, January 2020, 422 pages
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Commissioned by: Public Policy and Management Institute
Online since: 26.05.2021 0:00
The Survey on Researchers in European Higher Education Institutions within the Mobility of Researchers 4-study (MORE4) updates the first three MORE studies. It conducts a large-scale, representative survey among academic researchers residing in the EU. It provides information on the sociodemographics of researchers, PhD-training, recruitment practices, careers in research, working conditions, international mobility and collaboration patterns of researchers as well as information on the perception of the attractiveness of the European Union as a location to do research. The results are very similar to the results of MORE3, with broadly stable mobility patterns and perceptions on research in the EU: the EU is still seen as less attractive than other advanced countries, such as the USA, and national research systems within the EU continue to be perceived as very different with regard to the environment which they offer to researchers.
Research group:Industrial, Innovation and International Economics

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