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Miriam Van Hoed, Lidia Nuñez Lopez, Teresa Moreno, Martina Fraioli (IDEA Consult), Rodrigo Costas Comesana, Jonathan Dudek (CWTS), Reda Nausedaite, Daniel Holmberg, Maria Ricksten (Technopolis Group), Jürgen Janger, Kathrin Hofmann, Anna Strauss-Kollin (WIFO), Michele Cincera, Christophe Colassin, Ela Ince (Solvay Brussels School)
Knowledge Ecosystems in the new ERA. Talent Circulation and Intersectoral Mobility: Analytical Report with a Mapping of Talent Mobility and Causes of Brain Drain
Commissioned by: European Commission
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research – Austrian Institute of Technology – University of Leiden, CWTS – IDEA Consult – Catholic University of Leuven, INCENTIM – Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Online since: 22.03.2023 0:00
This report first presents evidence on international researcher mobility, in particular asymmetrical mobility (brain drain from one country to others). It analyses causes of brain drain, both using an empirical gravity model and qualitative analysis. It then maps existing policies at EU member state level to counter brain drain of researchers before outlining a variety of pathways or levers to implement policies against brain drain, among them strengthening the overall research system, improving recruitment, career progression and working condition of researchers, as well as fostering research excellence.
Research group:Industrial, Innovation and International Economics

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