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Co-ordination of current projects: Christine Mayrhuber (3 hits)

Project lead: Christine Mayrhuber
Effects of raising the retirement age of women in Austria between 2024 and 2033 (Anhebung des gesetzlichen Frauenpensionsantrittsalters ab 2024: Auswirkungen auf Branchen, Betriebe und Frauen)
Current research studies (work in progress)
Commissioned by: Chamber of Labour: Vienna
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
The gradual increase in the retirement age for women from 2024 to 2033 to 65 years should be associated with a longer period of employment for women. The recent past of transition is analysed along economic sectors. The aim here is to identify those sectors where there is already a gap between exit from the labour market and pensions entry. In these sectors, the upcoming raising of the age limit could pose a greater challenge.
Current research studies (work in progress)
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research – Austrian Institute of Technology – University of Leiden, CWTS – IDEA Consult – Catholic University of Leuven, INCENTIM – Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Commissioned by: European Commission
This study will contribute to the implementation of the ERA Communication specifically in relation to four of its strategic priorities: "Nourishing talents for excellence", "A European Framework for Research Careers", "Strengthening the public science system through synergies with the European Education Area", and "Strengthening innovation ecosystems for knowledge circulation and valorisation". The study will investigate the organisation and spread of ecosystems at the EU, national, regional and local levels, the role of specific actors active at the core of ecosystems (in particular universities and research organisations), the circulation of knowledge by individual research and innovation talents, and the potential legal and financial measures to support research careers and cooperation. WIFO in particular contributes to the analysis of researchers' contracts in the EU, social security gaps for mobile researchers and measures to facilitate brain circulation in the EU.
Christine Mayrhuber (Project co-ordinator)
Beratungsvertrag Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger (Consulting contract with the Federation of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions (Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger))
Current research studies (work in progress)
Commissioned by: Dachverband der Sozialversicherungsträger
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research