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Kim Hiang Liow, Qing Ye
Regime dependent volatilities and correlation in international securitized real estate markets
Empirica, 2018, 45(3), S.457-487,
This paper studies the role of regime shifts and time-varying volatilities in market integration in a Markov-switching volatility regime environment among the US, European and Asian developed securitised real estate markets. With a two-state volatility model, the study finds the co-dependence, co-movement and synchronisation of volatility regime at the high volatility state are stronger between the US and European securitised real estate markets. Although correlations among the markets are higher in a high volatility regime than in a low volatility regime, there is limited evidence of contagious effects during the high volatility periods between some markets. Moreover, the unsecuritised real estate markets are different from their securitised equivalent in the volatility regime characteristics, correlation pattern and level, as well as the extent of correlation change and contagion effect in high volatility state. Thus, the regime-switching results from stock markets may not be automatically extended to the corresponding public real estate markets, and require rigorous empirical scrutiny.
Forschungsbereich:Strukturwandel und Regionalentwicklung

Managing Editor

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Fritz Breuss

Funktion: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Managing Editor Empirica