Thematic Platform "Supply Chains"

The Thematic Platform "Supply Chains" brings together WIFO's research on resilience, supply and production networks. The platform is also an interface to the Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria (ASCII).
Austria is a small, open economy that is dependent on international supply chains, which presents both opportunities and challenges. WIFO's "Supply Chains" platform makes research findings available to policymakers. In times of crisis, the resilience of supply networks is called into question, as critical suppliers or products are often missing or only available at very high prices. Understanding supply chain structures is crucial for intervention, including regional distribution, actors and regulations. Shortages prompt the search for substitutes, while bottlenecks reflect undesirable market structures along the value chain. Sustainable production networks are a key aspect, taking into account labour standards and environmental impacts. Research findings help stakeholders and policymakers to find alternatives to existing networks, addressing technology, substitutability and restructuring. The platform serves as an interface to the Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria (ASCII), founded – amongst others – by WIFO. ASCII aims to improve knowledge of global production and logistics networks through interdisciplinary research. It uses data-driven analytical tools across disciplines such as mathematics, economics and management science.