Tips for the search and download

For any questions or problems, please contact!

Full-text search

Please use the search box with magnifying glass in the header of the WIFO website for a "full-text search" across the entire website. The results are structured according to the main menu items and displayed chronologically in descending order.


You may use wildcards for one or more characters:

  • The wildcard for a single character is "?": Type te?t  to search for all words like "test" or "text".
  • As a wildcard for several characters please use "*": With test*  you find all words like "test" or "tester".

Both wildcards can be used inside or at the end of the search string, but not at the beginning.

Boolean operators – combination of search strings

  • Write "OR" between the search strings, or nothing at all, since the OR is the standard: hello OR you or hello you.

  • For an AND operation, put "AND" between the search strings or "+" before each of them: hello AND you or +hello +you.

  • To find text which in any case contains "hello" and maybe "you", then type +hello you.

  • Negative Boolean operators are NOT or a minus sign ("-") before the expression: hello NOT you means that "hello" shall be in the text, but not "you"; another example: NOT "hello you".

Fuzzy search

Please use "~" at the end of a single word, e.g., roam~  to search forwords such as "foam" or "roams".

Grouping of elements

To group elements, use parentheses: (hello OR you) AND me to search for all documents that contain "me" and "hello" or "you".

Database search for people, projects, events and publications

Additionally to the full text search, all publications, projects and events as well as the information about employees can be searched with a database search (button "Advanced Search" above the respective lists). The following filters are available:

  • Please enter a search string in the search field; search includes names as well as titles and abstracts of projects, events and publications (in German and English).

  • You may enter several terms which will be searched for in an AND-operation. The search does not allow any other operations or wildcards

  • The search for persons can be limited to groups of employees ("research staff member", etc.).

  • When searching for events, a time range can be selected (years).

  • Publications can additionally be searched by type (Monatsberichte, working papers, etc.).

  • People, projects, events and publications can also be searched within the individual Research Groups.

The search result as well as the publication lists are sorted chronologically in descending order.


Publication purchase and download

  • Please select a publication via the publication search, full-text search or via direct access to the different types of publications (e.g., "WIFO-Monatsberichte").
  • If the download of this publication is free, you can find a blue PDF download button.
  • As a subscriber you have free access to the respective publications. Please log in for download (Login button in the header).
  • Publications can be purchased online: please put the publication to the shopping cart (icon right of the publication title).
  • You will then be prompted to sign in with your login name or register as a new user (please enter your email address and a password).
  • In the case you have registered as a new user, you will get an email with a link to activate your account.
  • Then log in with your login name (email address) and password (Login button).
  • Return to the shopping cart (link in the header of WIFO site).
  • Please check the content of the shopping cart. If your login name is associated with discounts, you will yet see the reduced fees.
  • Beforde you proceed, please fill in the user data form ("My account", billing address).
  • Click on the button "Proceed to payment" (bottom right) to go to the payment gateway, and choose a payment type (credit cards, EPS, "Sofort") to complete the checkout process.
  • Your invoice will be sent to your email address (PDF).
  • You find the publication for download in your list of "Previously bought items".