Data Science and Management

The team "Data Science and Management" provides support for WIFO's Research Groups in terms of data access and database maintenance as well as in the acquisition, processing, analysis and evaluation of large and complex data volumes. The high standards of WIFO's data quality and consistency play a crucial role in the excellence of WIFO's research work.

New technological developments enable both new methods for analysing large volumes of data as well as the creation of new data sets. WIFO sees this as an important opportunity for empirical economic research and evidence-based economic policy and therefore uses these new approaches both in its applied research projects as well as in its basic research.

Recent examples of the Data Science and Management team's work include the creation of a data set on complexity indicators (product space indicators). Additional complex data sets are the patent database of WIFO or the individual data of the labour market database of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In addition to developing new data and analysis methods, the Data Science and Management team also supervises the WDS – WIFO Data System, which is also available to external users. The WDS imports and integrates data from various Austrian and international data sources in a homogenised form which are then prepared for use in scientific analyses and economic policy decisions.


Some examples for data visualisation

The members of the team